Dr. Klaus Schustereder Practice


The best within me came out when I had to get out of my comfort zone or worse, in situations I found myself in genuine danger or even life threatening circumstances, when the only place I could turn to was inward.  

Going through difficult periods has been crucial for finding my path. No doubt Africa, where I have spent the early period of my career. It’s great to look back upon the work I did there and know that I never gave up or walked away from any of my goals. Tough situations are the great tests in life. It’s okay to stumble or fail. It’s not okay to give up. I felt temptation many times, but in the end, I’ve never walked away from dreams.


There was always a particular curiosity about human beings within me – a profound desire to understand extensively and deeply what makes us, human beings, alive, conscious, healthy. I remember that I had already in my youth a tendency to listen to others and to observe people. Medical school became truly exciting for me when we started seeing patients. Practicing medicine is the most wonderful way for me to explore feelings and sensations, thinking, behaviours, physical dysfunctionalities and world views of people. Seeing how people improve and assisting them to feel better, to enjoy life and helping them explore their potential is the most wonderful gift I can get in my professional life. I have had the privilege to observe the most tremendous evolutions in physical and mental health in different cultural.