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Klaus Schustereder

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Since my early teens, I have felt a strong attraction to philosophical thought. I kept asking myself questions like: What is life? What is human? What is consciousness? I must say that they have always been and still are the center of my research. After I finished medical school in Vienna, I worked in hospitals in different countries and the cornerstone of my development was created during my work in the Central African Republic. The intercultural framework allowed me to gain insight into the deepest roots of poverty. Also, the possibility of having been able to live in such a traditional as it is multicultural environment has really inspired me and today I would say that openness is the necessary tool to look at any future challenge in this world. Despite the enormous Newtonian and Cartesian accomplishments of the mainstream sciences, I am convinced that we need a post-Cartesian understanding of living systems in order to find the human and sustainable solutions for medical services. Personally, I see a very exciting future and there is a lot to share! My vocation is to participate in the discoveries of humanity and this is possible for me on a daily basis thanks to my patients whom I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart.

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M.D. Degree Certificate, Vienna University

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